Ep.2: Live Your Best Nourished Life with Dr. Shannon Werner

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Do you suffer from digestive issues, fatigue, and chronic stress or know somebody who does? Then do not miss this episode of Balanced Boss!

Jessica and Shannon dive into how to supercharge your health, energy, and self-love so that you will live with power, passion, and purpose.

How awesome would that be?

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In this episode,

• How to Break Diet Dogma
• What nourishing your life truly means
• Why food is medicine, but….?
• Why your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, begin connecting with who you truly are is vital to physical health.
• Plus hear Shannon’s incredibly inspiring story and her own healing journey and how she brought herself back into alignment.

“I became inspired to do this work after experiencing a severe health crash in 2012, and realizing I was living out of alignment in every area of my life (health, career, relationships, and feeling a sense of life purpose). During my healing journey, my eyes were opened to holistic/alternative medicine, the power of “food as medicine”, and the importance of nurturing mind-body-spirit connection in living a vibrant, aligned life,” says Shannon.

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