Looking Back Takes You Forward

Congratulations to all you aLigners!
What an amazing month it has been with all of you setting your goals and journeying each day to reach them. We have heard such amazing stories from you about the changes you have made and how they have made you feel like you have more time for YOU, that you are more energized and feeling accomplished! 
So as you carry on into February, make sure to take this momentum with you!
First, treat yourself sometime this week for sticking to it and following through...I already have my massage scheduled for tomorrow ;-) We would love to see you enjoying some self love, post on social media and tag #stayingaLigned!
Second, take some time to reflect on the things that worked for you and those that didn't in January. As the quote below so wonderfully expresses, by taking some reflection and realigning you will find even more effective ACTION in February. 
And third, think about what you want to achieve this month. Is it one more workout a week? Is it shutting that phone down 10 minutes earlier before bed? Find your small goal that is going to keep you moving forward to being the best YOU that you can be. 
In short, take your success from this month, acknowledge your achievements, reflect in gratitude and move forward with refreshed inspiration.
Thanks for all your hard work this month and can't wait to see all that comes in February. 

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