Confessions from a Fitness Professional

The final push, the last week of the #aLignNSCC. What is it going to be for you this week to keep pushing, to keep going strong, to get back on if you fell off and finish to the end! 
We think that since we are novices, we are learning something new, that we have a much harder time sticking to a new habit. The professionals make it look easy right? We sat down with Reena Vokoun from PassionFit to find out what it takes to keep a healthy lifestyle even as a fitness professional. 
Reena admits to the same challenges that so many of us face, but overcomes many of these obstacles with this quote and #TweetThis of the week. "Take things one day at a time, keep your nose to the grindstone and stay focused. Don't lose sight of the bigger picture."
With the final week of our January NSCC upon us, what is your bigger picture? What is going to keep your habit going far beyond the end of this week. Share it below so we can all keep each other motivated and moving forward! 
Go get 'em this week everyone!
Reena Vokoun
1. What do you find to be most challenging when it comes to working out consistently?
I'm a busy, working mom and I need variety to stay engaged in my fitness regimen. Therefore, finding the time to work out and varying my workouts so they continue to be both effective and fun, are the biggest challenges for me.
2. What motivates you to continue your fitness journey?
Health, wellness and fitness are my greatest passions, therefore, I'm naturally motivated to continue my fitness journey. Fitness has been a huge priority throughout my life from playing sports as a kid, participating in cheerleading and dance team in high school, being a fitness instructor in college and graduate school, working out throughout both of my pregnancies with my two sons and continuing to teach dance and fitness classes as both hobbies and as a part of my career into the present time. It keeps me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and grounded and is something I keep coming back to time and time again, no matter what stage of life I'm in. 
3. How did you overcome the initial "hump" to make it a habit?
Reminding myself of the benefits of exercise when I'm feeling unmotivated helps me to make it over that initial "hump." I continuously think about how much more energy I have, how much happier and centered I feel and how it helps me burn off stress. Also, being a health, wellness and fitness entrepreneur and instructor motivates me to set a good example for my students in my classes, my clients I work with one on one, my blog readers and my YouTube channel subscribers.
4. When you feel yourself slacking, what do you do?
When I feel myself slacking, I listen to my body and my emotions and determine why I'm feeling unmotivated. Am I stressed about something? Am I feeling tired and unrested? Am I feeling under the weather? Did I eat enough that day? Am I burnt out and do I need a rest day? Really tuning into myself helps me understand why I'm feeling the way I am and then I can determine what I need to do to get motivated or to take that day off and pick it back up the next day.
5. How do you manage both your long term and short term goals?
I like to plan my long term goals first so I can set the vision of where I want to be. Then I plan my short term goals and take actions every day to lead me to achieving my long term goals. It's important for me to take things one day at a time, keep my nose to the grindstone and stay focused so I don't get overwhelmed and don't lose sight of the bigger picture.

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