Finance Fit Tricks with Ungenita Provost

You sit down to focus on your personal development, you open a tab and google search your category of interest, and as the page loads you decide to multi-task and check facebook, which leads to watching a new video, which leads to clicking on link after link of likely hilarious, but distracting content.
This happens to so many of us, especially when it comes to talking about money. The subject that in some way or another makes us squirm just a little (or a lot in some cases). Luckily, Ungenita Provost from has taken this uncomfortable subject and turned it into a topic for the fit and fabulous. 
As many of you know, our aLign NSCC has had many people sending in their 2016 resolutions and one of the popular categories of 2016 focus has been taming those finances. We asked Ungenita some questions to keep you moving in your journey. Check out our interview below and for bonus fun, get advice on sticking to your goals. It may be from 2015 but the points still resonate for our 2016 #aLignNSCC.
1. What do you find women struggle with the most when it comes to creating good financial habits?
One of my favorite quotes to share with women can be found in The Shriver Report (Maria Shriver's site).
"One in three women in this country lives in economic insecurity."
~ Shriver Report
I think most women  are trapped by guilt (I know I was). They are ashamed and feel stuck. I think it's important to forgive yourself first for any financial mistakes you've made. Take a good honest look at your financial statements, know your numbers, what you owe, set up debt-repayment plans and focus on income producing activities to bring more money in. Your confidence can rise like the stock market when you take control of your financial future.
2. What is the best piece of advice you can give to a woman struggling financially right now?
Stop dealing with the effect and start dealing with the cause. I know for me, I didn't have the wealth consciousness in my twenties to truly deal with my finances and business transactions confidently, so I made mistakes. We all have a money story, which is the cause of our belief system around money. The fastest way to get your business to the next level, have confident conversations about money and make sales is to to break through old beliefs that are keeping you stuck financially. You can change your financial future by changing your attitude about money.
3. What are some simple steps women can take to get their finances in order?
Focus on income producing activities, look at how you're spending your time. I often say it's not about managing your time, it's about managing your activities. Do the things that are going to fill your wallet with a lot of dollars. Busy is not always bankable. Everyday ask yourself this question "Is this a income producing activity"?
4. What are you doing to take control of your financial future?
For me it's all about multiple streams of income AND residual income. One of my favorite things to say "I Make Money In My Sleep AND Wake Up Pretty".
5. Why are you so motivated to financially empower women?
I've been there done that and vow to never do it again. I've made all the money mistakes and feel blessed that I'm now in control of my financial future. Several years ago I was embarrassed to talk about it and learned quick that this information can help millions of women which is why I launched the site Look Hot.Make More. Save Yours. Talk is chic!
6. Do you have any financial books and/or tools that you can recommend?
Yes! Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill is a classic and a must if you wish to be financially independent and self-sufficient. I also host a Financial Forum for women called Hot & Sexy Money Mastery Monday's 6PM (PT) 9PM (ET).
Check out PoshonPennies for more inspiration or join the Hot & Sexy Money Mastery group via the link
Remember that you are capable of taking your persona and professional life to the next level. Go out there and make it happen one step at a time!

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