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So you’re thinking about joining our (Not So Challenging) Challenge and wondering if it’s the right move for you. We thought it would only be fair to send a little more information out and get you just as excited as we are about hopping on board.


So, what is the Not So Challenging Challenge?

The NSCC, as we will be affectionately referring to it, is our way of helping you make and stick to your New Years Resolutions. Maybe you want to do something that will forward your career, or maybe you want to eat more healthily, or maybe you just want to learn to play guitar because the thought of it puts a smile on your face! Big or small, we want to help you achieve your goals by giving you support, tips, and helping you plan, thereby setting you up for success.

What exactly can you expect from us?
Well on top of some fantastically inspirational quotes that you’ll just be dying to write on the bathroom mirror, we’ll be sending you the best tips in our arsenal for how exactly to achieve your goals. We’re going to help you break it down so it doesn’t seem so daunting, make a schedule for yourself, teach you how to form new habits, and check in with you along the way. Plus you’ll have the support of our community.
Why is signing up with a goal such a great idea?
 The simple answer is this: people who write down concrete goals for themselves are statistically more likely to achieve those goals than those who don’t. A study done by Professor Gail Matthews found that when tasked with writing down their goals and being asked to report progress to a friend, 76% of respondents reported success, compared with 35% percent of people who didn’t write anything down and kept their goals to themselves.  Just by signing up with us and seeing your goal in writing is going to start making you visualize it, making it that much more achievable. All you have to do to start is write down what your personal goal is, and we’re going to help you figure out exactly how you can make it happen for yourself.
Why aLign?
Working toward a goal with a group of others doing the same creates a sense of identity and a shared purpose. Signing on with the community makes it easier to be accountable to each other and to ourselves. To borrow possibly the best word ever coined on South Park, we get to be each other’s accountabilibuddies!
The New Year is a great physical marker on the calendar for deciding to make a change and it’s no wonder that so many people use the time of year to decide to better themselves. Remember last year at this time when we all had big exciting ideas for 2015? Well let’s stick together and accomplish those things this year, so that in 2016 we can all be our best, healthiest, happiest, most aLigned selves. We cannot wait for you to join us on this exciting journey!

Sign up here and share with your friends to get them to join in as accountabilibuddies!

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