6 Fall Must Haves for your Mind and Body

With summer coming to a close, your to-do list is starting to fill up. Kids going back to school and fall fashion may be some of the things on your mind, but don’ let your health fall to the wayside as things start picking up. We picked 6 of our favorite things to help us stay balanced for our mind and body this fall.

  1. Mantra Band

It is proven that those who seek positive mantras tend to be more successful. These simple but stylish bands keep you motivated all day long and make a great accessory whether you are at dinner, work or out and about.

     2. Dear Emily, You Are Enough

Need a book to decompress, this inspiring, hilarious, quick read is the perfect one. Dear Emily, You Are Enough takes you through exotic travels, romantic interests and the ultimate question of what one’s purpose is and how they find it. We promise you’ll keep turning the page for more. Always remember that a little time, even just 15 minutes, for you to relax is so important for your overall health, take the time that you deserve. Find it here for a kindle version or hard copy.

     3. aLign Memo/aLign Sip

After moving around all summer, we are going to start heading indoors and sitting a bit more. The aLign Memo and Sip make it easier than ever stay hydrated. Keeping yourself on track throughout the day will keep you energized and focused. Bonus! Try taking a walk around the office for each hour you drink, your overall well-being will be drastically boosted!  

         4. Climawear

    Need some workout clothes to spice up your wardrobe. We love Climawear’s super comfortable tops and bottoms! A Canadian Seamless Activewear Brand that is just starting to trickle into the states. Find their “Summer isn’t Over Hot Picks” and more at www.climawear.com. Our faves of the moment, Showstopper T-Back Tank and the Ruched Woodland Runner 

         5. Barre3 online

      Yes our obsession is real…we LOVE Barre3! With workouts and a community that are both energizing and yet restorative we can’t get enough. Although the in studio classes are great, sometimes with travel or busy schedules it is hard to get there. Try an online membership for just $15.99 a month and get access to tons of great online workouts for your total body or to target certain areas.

           6. Flipboard

      It’s just as important to exercise your mind as it is your body. Download this app and you will have quick and easy access to tons of articles that are of interest specifically to you. Stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and more by just flipping through. 

      What are some of your fall faves? Let us know below! 

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