Behind the Brand

Hey there it’s Jessica :-)

Many of you have asked what exactly is aLign?

So I thought I'd take some time to tell you about how it all started and what our mission is.

How many times do you catch yourself saying “If only they had something that ______?” 

As I entered the “real world”, my life suddenly became more and more active and I found myself saying that quite frequently.

One of the biggest pain points I had was that each day I would pack my work bag with my laptop, lunch box and other typical odds and ends.

Then… I would pack another whole bag with tennis shoes, yoga pants, a tank top and a post workout sweatshirt.

As I swiped my badge to get into the office, I strategically opened the door and angled my body to fit through without running into the doorframe. I constantly felt like a pack mule climbing the stairs being weighed down on both sides.

So when I decided it was time for me to buy a dual functioning bag, I did the typical Google search, scrolling though pages of blog recommendations, Amazon bargains and designer novelties.

All the bags that would carry my laptop and workout clothes looked… like a gym bag. Something made primarily for the gym with space for a laptop rather than equal attention and care to both of my needs.

After weeks of searching, it was clear that there was nothing out there. I needed something I can take to the office; that looks professional and yet is just as functional for my lunch and post-work fitness.

I couldn’t be the only one who is looking for something like this right? As I looked around each day at the office and the gym, I saw the same thing…multiple bags being dragged around. For some it was for exercise, for others mother’s essentials/diapers, lunches or travel preparations.

It was time for a solution to help all the busy women out there continue to stay stylish but add more purpose to their daily necessities.

With that the aLign Pro and aLign Light were born and we realized that it shouldn’t stop there.

Large companies spend millions every day to try and improve their processes for a more efficient workplace.

At aLign we believe we should be doing the same thing for our personal lives.

Our goal is to improve everyday life through innovative products that help build efficiency into daily routines and promote overall health for the mind and body.

We hope that you are able to find that balance and that we can help you get there! Feel free to contact me with any questions about the product or brand at

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  • Alex Sherrod says...

    Love it all! I’ve got the full stable of water bottles now. Everyone at work is jealous.

    On August 12, 2015

  • Jan Dubbelman says...

    This is amazing xx hugs

    On June 02, 2015

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