Zip into your Balance


The phrase "work-life balance" is one that we hear constantly. We try to listen to all the secrets presented on Good Morning America or the Today show. We read the articles online and in magazines, and we stick with them for about a week and then so easily fall back into our old habits.

Why is it so difficult to find this balance? I think that for most of us, it’s because we want to give so much to everyone else. We grind through each day, putting out fires at work and at home, finally getting a chance to breath and put your feet up and then you realize its past 11 and you need to get some rest so you can do it all tomorrow.

I can’t promise that more time will magically get added to your day, but I do know that if you take even 10 minutes for yourself, you will find a renewed brightness from within making getting through the rest of the day or week just a bit easier.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s just not possible with the kids screaming, food cooking, and deadlines to make at work. It’s always just too crazy! Yes, yes and yes! Those commitments will always be there, but that doesn’t mean the commitment to yourself should fade into the background.

When I first graduated from college I had few commitments, yet instead of finding a work-life balance, I put all my efforts into my career, thinking the more I worked, the faster I could grow. Good idea?

Yes and no. It’s definitely good to strive to be the best you can, yet if you focus on any one thing for too long, you will inevitably burn out. For me, I found balance with Barre3 workouts, one hour was all it took to make each day seem brighter, stronger and more energetic. For others, it may be a moment to sit and read, a chance to sneak away for a massage, or maybe taking a walk around the neighborhood.Whatever it is, take that small ounce of time to make each day something you look forward to and make it a priority.

At aLign bags, we want to be there to help support that work-life balance for you. Our first bag is a great way to help prepare for that SELF time or maybe keep you at the ready for those crazy times. All it takes is one zip and you can have everything you need for the day. We think this product will help streamline so many people’s lives and can’t wait to hear your feedback! Let us know what else would be a functional addition to your life? What product would help you help yourself?

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