The Science Of...Creating a Habit


It wasn't too long ago that we all got our journals out and wrote down those New Year's resolutions. 

They look something like this:

- lose weight
- spend more time with family
- drink more water

But there is a key thing that is missing from that list and we dive into a study that investigates the effects an implementation plan can have on succeeding in meeting your goals and forming a healthy habit. 

 I know this worked for me when it came to waking up early. I used to always *say* I'm going to wake up early, but when the alarm went off I would hit snooze and roll over.

When I took the approach of adding an implementation plan, I sounded more like, I'll set my alarm, put on the hot water, read the Skimm and then get to work. After only 1 or 2 weeks, it became much easier. 

A new habit is still difficult to create, however, with an implementation plan you can build a roadmap for a lasting change. 



Once you've had a chance to watch, I'm curious….

  1. What implementation plan will you put together for this week or this month? Be specific on the where, when, how and why!

Leave a comment on the blog and let me know.

Love your girl,


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  • Chris says...

    I love the new format. great job cant wait for next week

    On February 18, 2016

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