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Today we have so many great resources at our fingertips that are personalized to our individual interests. This can be both amazing in that almost every article you come across captures your attention, yet, it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially when you don't exactly know where the information is coming from. 

How many times have you come across that Facebook article that says a glass of wine or chocolate is good for you? I read the title and say, "yes please", proceeding to click the link and anxiously wait for the page to load so that I can finally justify my love for chocolate. 

Then I get to reading the article and it goes something like this, "Studies say....", or according to so and so MD, and all of a sudden I think,"soooo what exactly did the study say? Where can I find that study to learn more?" It might seem trivial but with so many claims to what will make us healthy and balanced, in order to find the right path for us, we should at least know that these recommendations are coming from thoughtful and tested foundations.

I'll never forget my American History teacher from high school. Every single time we had to do a report she would ask, "what is your source?" In other words are you making your comment based off of a TMZ report or did you read about it in the Wall Street Journal. Are you making your decisions about your health and wellness from tested findings or just from the latest trends you hear about?

The Science Of... our new aLign blog series is diving into the science behind what we hear about our health. We are getting up close and personal with studies and breaking them down so that together we can all see what each study is trying to prove and how we can utilize their findings for our own health and wellness journey. 

Understanding our own psychological and biological reactions to healthy changes can be just what we need to keep moving towards a balanced, more aLigned life. 

Stay tuned for our first article coming to you later this week!

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Also, we would love to hear from you! What topics would you like to hear more about? What have your read about lately that you wanted to understand better? Why is wine good for you? Why should we drink more water? What is so good about meditation or keeping a journal? Why should I not eat right before I go to bed?

Whatever questions you have, comment below and we will make sure to respond and add them to the series. 


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