Preparing For Your Best Summer Body

Spring is here and things are starting to HEAT UP!

It may seem too early to start thinking about the effects of sunshine on your body since it’s not the PEAK time, but Spring it actually the BEST time to put you sunshine strategy in action.

A sunshine strategy? Isn’t that strategy just apply sunscreen?

Not so much.

Sunscreen should definitely be a part of your summer time must-have list, but there are actually some simple things you can do to make sure you are getting all the health benefits and necessary protection from that summertime sun.

Take a look at our latest episode to find out when wearing sunscreen may not be the best choice and why not any sunscreen you see at your local drug store is actually protecting you.

Here are some of the best resources we found to help make sure you have your best summer body yet!

This app helps you to track the perfect amount of sunshine for Vitamin D production based on your skin type, age, and geographic location. Easily balance your sun exposure with your sun protection to get the full body benefits of sunshine while shielding your skin from those harsh UV rays.

Our guide for the top sunscreens this summer

We sifted through 235 EWG (Environmental Working Group) approved sunscreens with maximum UV benefit and minimum toxic chemicals to find 4 sunscreens that you can easily find at your local drug store but will also protect from rays and contain minimal toxins that can mess with your hormones, cause skin irritation, and risk organ system toxicity.

We would love to hear from you!

What are your summertime Go To’s for finding balance in the sun?

Please share in the comments below with as much enthusiasm as you have for the summertime itself - a.k.a. we hope to see lots of comments :-)

Keep going, taking just one step at a time, to find the balance that helps take YOUR life to the next level!




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