Why 10,000 Steps?

10,000 steps... it's all over the media, the news, and very in tune with my family.

This year, quite a few people in my family got fitbits and now there are daily updates about who is getting in their 10,000 steps. 

Bonus - no more fighting about who takes out the trash, everyone jumps up to get their steps. 

But, my boyfriend asked a great question the other day. Why is it 10,000 steps, why not 5,000, 15,000 or 14,099?

So I did a little research for us and found that this number goes back to the 1960's and a researcher in Japan.

This research may reveal why you haven't been getting the exact results you are looking for when you're fitbit vibrates. 

Watch this video and join in on the comments for how your tracker works for you?


Bringing it all together, 10,000 steps is not necessarily the number that everybody has to hit.

Make sure you are completely clear on what your goal is and set your step goal to that. 

Hint: You can set your fitness tracker to your new goal so you still get all the badges and celebratory vibrations. 

We would love to hear how you use your fitness tracker? 

Please share how you have found it to be most beneficial for you - you never know who you could inspire to get their journey moving in that direction too!

With lots of love walking from me to you,


P.S. Share this with all those fitness tracker competitors you have and show them whats up :-)


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  • Jessica says...

    That is so awesome Natalee! Now you are getting that extra movement and managing it so that it works for YOU! Keep it up :-)

    On March 30, 2016

  • Natalee says...

    Great post, Jess! I have set my Fitbit goal at 7,000 steps. I find this is more achievable for me throughout the work week. I was averaging about 4-5k steps near the end of the day and felt that 10k was just too far out to reach, but 7k would only be another 20-30 minute walk. It’s been a good goal for me for now. ?

    On March 25, 2016

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