Jedi Mind Tricks To Reach Your Future Goals Faster

No, unfortunately, this episode does not involve lightsabors, but we do have a mind trick for you that will blast you to the future!

We have all been there...

A Sunday night rolls around the corner and we say, "ok, tomorrow I am going to (fill in the blank for a goal to better yourself)".

Monday starts off great, Tuesday even better, and then the hump day doldrums set in and you feel your stamina fading away. 

We say, "It's ok, I'll start strong again next week."...and then fall into the same pattern, over and over again. 

Looking at a study done by the University of Southern California (woot! shout out to the Alma Mater) and the University of Michigan, we discovered that the reason is that most times we are not connected to our future self.

So how can we stay besties with our future selves and act for it today? The secret may be more simple than you think. Check out the latest episode to find out how!


Remember to place your goal board somewhere where you will see it often, maybe in your office, at your desk, or in your journal. 
Keep your main focus strong and find little "mini" day goals to help you keep that connection to your future self and work one little step at a time to your NEXT LEVEL!
This trick is an easy, yet powerful one. Can you think of friends or family who would definitely benefit for this?
If so, please copy the link and send to them or share on social media here. We would so appreciate and we are willing to bet your friends out there will to :-) 
Can't wait to see your goal boards in action!

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