Being Active Doesn't Have to be Hard

Finding time to get a workout in seems to be impossible sometimes.

I'm right there with you...

We all have the best intentions to get that workout in and then the alarm either goes off for your early morning and you hit snooze,

OR 5pm rolls around and dinner and your favorite tv show sounds a bit more intriguing. 

Now, although vigorous workouts are without a doubt part of a healthy lifestyle

We looked at a study that shows you can get amazing benefits from just moving a small amount more frequently throughout the day. 

Something as simple as walking for 2 min every 20 min can help increase your metabolism and take better care of your organs.

Can you fit in just 2 min every half hour throughout your day?

To help you stick to it, we have put together 10 moves you can do at your desk or in the office in just two minutes! 



Watch this episode now.

And get a new perspective on how you can fit your workout in. :-)

Now here is your challenge:

Tell us in the comments below one thing you have done or will do that will help you stay moving all day?

If you need some inspiration, check out our top 10 moves to do at the office. 

Alright, set those timers, ready, set, MOVE!

Huge thanks for sharing and we can't wait to see what your move will be. Your comment could be the exact spark someone needs to jump start their balance to take their personal and professional life to the next level. 

Thanks for making today great! 




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  • Lauren says...

    Great video! I force myself to drink lots of water throughout my work day to keep myself alert. But it’s also good because I get up at least once or twice an hour to use the restroom!

    On March 08, 2016

  • Alison says...

    I love this! I walk up and down the steps at school between classes (just to stay awake) so it’s awesome that even that much work can have such positive consequences!!

    On March 03, 2016

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